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The Art Of A Sock-Aid

The Art Of A Sock-Aid

The art of using a Sock Aid is very easy to master. In simple terms a sock aid is an assistance device that helps those with pain or physical limitations to put on socks. We’ve broken down this process into four easy steps that will help you overcome any limitations you have and get your socks right on!

Step 1: Put Sock on Sock Aid

Start sliding the sock onto the end of the sock aid which does not have the handles. Some find it is easiest to complete this by squeezing the sock aid in between your legs while you use both hands to slide the sock on.

Step 2: Hold Onto the Rope and Drop the Sock Aid to the Ground

Hold onto the rope using two hands. While still holding onto the rope, drop the sock aid to the ground.

Step 3: Place Foot Into Sock

While still holding onto the rope with both hands, place your foot into the sock so your toes are tight against the toes of the sock.

Step 4: Pull on the Rope and the Plastic of the Sock Aid

Pull on the ropes and the plastic of the sock aid to work the sock onto your foot. You may have to move your foot and leg slightly to help with this process.

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