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5 Tips for Maintaining Mobility

5 Tips for Maintaining Mobility

Aches and pains and tightness and swelling—your body keeps finding new ways to cause discomfort and slow you down. Sometimes, just having a body feels exhausting. 

With just a few countermeasures, you can push back against the pains of aging and keep your body feeling healthy and active. Best of all, the work is a lot easier than you might expect. Here are five easy tips for keeping yourself feeling fit and mobile. 

1. One Walk a Day

People overlook the importance of just moving their legs. You don’t have to jog or even powerwalk to burn a few calories and strengthen your muscles. Make a daily walk part of your routine and the aging process will instantly slow down. 

If you use a walker, consider getting some walker glide skis to help make the travel a little smoother. Do whatever it takes to make sure your legs are active at least once a day. 

2. Stretch

Stretching is important at every age, but it becomes increasingly necessary the older you get. You don’t have to start doing the splits or any sort of crazy yoga moves—just stretch each limb long enough to feel your muscles loosen up a bit. 

You should aim to stretch for about 10 minutes each day. This can be accomplished while you’re watching TV or even reading a book. Make it a habitual activity and soon you’ll feel better than you’ve felt in years. 

3. Focus on Balance

When you feel unstable, the thought of being active has very little appeal. Fortunately, you can retrain your body to regain balance and coordination. Like stretching, this just requires a few minutes each day of slow and deliberate movement. 

One of the best options for regaining balance is to start practicing tai chi. This practice focuses on shifting your body weight and staying in control. Yoga and light weightlifting are also options that can improve your balance. 

4. Eat Well

You can’t expect your body to stay fit if you aren’t providing the right kind of fuel. Make sure you’re getting healthy fibers and nutrients from a plant-based diet, and don’t overdo it on sweets and fatty meats. 

Vitamin supplements can do a lot of the work for you, so consider getting some calcium and magnesium supplements added to your weekly pill organizer. As our diets change, sometimes we unknowingly phase out healthy vitamins that need to be replaced outside our normal meals. Talk to your physician or nutritionist about what kind of supplements you should add to your daily menu. 

5. Have Fun

Perhaps the best way to improve your mobility is to do stuff you enjoy. Whether it’s something active like ping pong or something more relaxed like water coloring, the movement and endorphins will do a world of good. 

You can’t stop your body from getting older, but you can make it a lot easier on yourself with a few simple activities. Try incorporating these tips into your day and watch how fast you start feeling better!

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