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4 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Grandkids

4 Tips for Keeping Up With Your Grandkids

They’re the biggest source of joy in the world. Spending time with a child allows people to feel young again and see the world through fresh, wondering eyes.

Of course, spending time with little ones isn’t always a walk in the park. Children have lots of energy and big emotions, and just 20 minutes of chasing grandkids around can leave you feeling drained for the rest of the day. 

Since you don’t want to miss out on these precious moments, you should take a few proactive steps to stay healthy and on your toes with the littles come to visit. Here are four tips that can help you do just that. 

1. Keep Germs at Bay

The quickest way to turn fun into a flop is by getting sick. Children aren’t the best at avoiding viruses, so you have to do your part to protect yourself. If you know your grandchild has a runny nose or a cough, reschedule the playdate to a few days later when the contagious period is over. After you’ve spent time together, make sure to get your hands washed and wipe down surfaces that got touched a lot.

You also need to stay current on your medications and vitamins. Keep that pill organizer stocked so you don’t miss a dose, and get more immunity-boosting meds in your system when you know a visit with youngsters is on the horizon. 

2. Stay Balanced

While children can run around and bounce off walls and get right back up, an elderly fall can spell disaster. When you’re following after excited kiddos, keep your favorite cane handy and make sure toys get cleared off the floor before you do much moving around. 

On days when you’re not playing with kids, make sure to do balancing exercises. The better your fitness, the more you can play with your grandchildren, the happier you’ll be.

3. Get Crafty

If you let the kids dictate all the games you play, you’ll get run into the ground within the first half hour. Alternatively, you can come up with some fun crafting activities that can keep everyone engaged at the kitchen table. Whether it’s a baking project or trying out some origami, most kids are game for experimenting with something new. Expect a mess and a fair amount of cleanup, but it’s always worth it. 

4. Know Your Limits

Lifting an infant is pretty easy, but those kids get heavy in a hurry once they hit toddlerhood. Make sure you don’t do too much lifting and avoid some of the more physical games you might have played when the kids were really small. Since you can’t be the junglegym anymore, you might want to invest in some kind of playset or start meeting at the playground where there are structures made for climbing. Don’t let one round of wrestling ruin future chances to enjoy time with your grandkids.

Time with family is too important to miss out on. It might feel physically challenging, but there are precautions you can take to ensure you don’t lose out on these meaningful moments.

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