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3 Ways for Seniors To Get Social in Spring

3 Ways for Seniors To Get Social in Spring

As the weather clears, everyone starts to get that itch to be a little more active. We’ve been cooped up indoors for too many months and it’s time to go out and get things done. Of course, a lot of what we do depends on who’s there to join us; some activities require a partner, and a lot of pastimes are just more fun with a friend.

Socializing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It can take a little effort, and that effort feels hard to give when you otherwise have a comfortable routine. Still, socializing is a great way to feel energized and broaden your horizons. Here are three easy ways to shake things up and spend more time with people. 

1. Try a New Hobby

Want to meet someone new? Then try something new! Whether it’s trying out a new sport or taking a class at the senior center, you’re destined to meet other people in a similar situation to your own. Learning a new skill alongside someone else is a great way to build connection, as you both learn at the same pace and grow together.

Keep an eye out for flyers promoting events and classes, or ask your friends and family if they have any suggestions for hobbies you might be able to try. You don’t have to be overly passionate about the thing, you just need to give it a whirl and see who else is there. 

Sometimes, in lieu of a new hobby, a new accessory can get the conversation started. A new outfit or a fancy new cane will give you something to talk about and help kick off the social interaction, whether or not you're trying something for the first time. 

2. Change Your Routine

If you do the same thing day in and day out, you’re likely seeing the exact same people. A simple change in course will bring new faces into your life, and that could very well lead to new friendships. 

This can be as simple as shopping at a different grocery store or trying out a new restaurant for lunch. If there’s an activity you already do regularly, you could try moving the time or place. If there’s a portion of your day that feels stale, think of a simple change that might liven things up.

3. Go Outside

When all else fails, put on your shoes and head outside. Taking a walk on a nice Spring day is a great way to meet other people who are excited to see the sun again. Find people who are out with their dogs or grandkids, or walk to the park and enjoy some time on a park bench with someone new. Your walk can be about the activity or the destination; whether you're going along a nice trail or headed to a coffee shop, moving around outside will feel good and have you waving to friendly faces as they pass. 

Spending time with people is one of life’s great joys, even if it requires effort at times. These three tips will make it a little easier to meet and see people, and just the act of trying will have you feeling happier as we head into Spring.

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