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4 Activities for Seniors With Arthritis

4 Activities for Seniors With Arthritis

Arthritis is problematic in countless ways. For many, the hardest part is figuring out how to move their joints without exacerbating the pain. After all, the best way to mitigate the adverse effects of arthritis is to stay active and keep those joints in motion. 

If you find yourself staying put for fear of too much discomfort, here are four activities that can have your body feeling functional once again. 


It’s hard to overstate the benefits of gardening. From working outdoors in the sunshine to putting healthy, homegrown food on your plate, the rewards of a personal garden are practically endless. 

For those with arthritis, the process of digging, planting, trimming, and watering will keep your hands busy without stressing the joints. You have control over the size and shape of your tools, accommodating the joints that tend to flare up the most. You can start simply and, as the pain subsides, increase your garden activities. Then you can sit back in your comfortable folding chair and admire your handiwork.  


Of all the exercise options, swimming is the easiest on your joints. Just by floating in the water and moving your arms and legs, you can reduce inflammation and get 10x the exercise you’d get sitting on your couch. 

Whether you swim laps or take an aquatic aerobics class, you’ll feel the health benefits without suffering any extra pain in your joints. After your swimming session, you can treat yourself to a little dip inthe jacuzzi. 


It’s a surprise to most people that painting is a good countermeasure to arthritis issues, but the steady movement of the brush can make a big difference with hand, wrist, and elbow pain. Whether or not you think of yourself as an artist, you can grab a paintbrush and some paint and start exploring your creative side. 

Different painting styles include different sized brushed (or no brushes at all!), making it easy to find something that works for your pain management. Fill your walker tote bag with a watercolor kit or a bottle of paint and a few big brushes and make some new art to hang on your wall.


The hard work of meal prep pays off double when you view it as an activity to help with your arthritis. Cutting vegetables and kneading soft dough can be excellent for your hands and wrists, all while making your meals a little healthier. Stay away from the squashes and gourds that are hard to cut through, and lean into meals with fresh tomato, zucchini, and lettuce. Try your hand at homemade bread and see how you stack up against the professional bakers in town. 

Arthritis might make things more difficult, but it doesn’t make them impossible. Modified versions of these four activities can help you get through the day, feel accomplished, and even help to reduce your pain.

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