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4 Reasons To Walk Every Day

4 Reasons To Walk Every Day

When your joints are flaring and you feel tired, it’s hard to motivate to go outside and exercise. Some days the only idea your body doesn’t balk at is staying seated in the recliner. 

Unfortunately, skipping exercise one day makes it that much harder to get up and do something the next. And when you think about all the benefits of a quick walk around the block, it’s really something you can’t afford to put off. 

If you’re struggling to nudge yourself out the door for a walk, here are four reasons why you should rally and make it happen. 

1. Exercise

The first and most obvious: our bodies need to move if we want them to stay operational. The less movement you get, the faster your muscles, joints, and bones start to betray you. Conversely, more movement directly translates into more energy and less body pain. 

You can start with more walking inside the house and gradually work your way up to longer strolls outdoors. Get a lightweight cane that will keep you moving safely. Remember that every walk you take will make the next day’s walk a little easier, so you should stick with it. 

2. Vitamin D

Even if you can only make it halfway around the block, getting outside is still incredibly healthy. The natural health supplement you get from a little sunshine on your skin plays a big role in your physical and mental health. The more vitamin D you get, the better your body is at retaining calcium and phosphorous, both of which are needed to keep healthy bones. 

Between muscle strength and vitamins, a quick stroll through the park can give you a big health boost. The next time you’re staring out the window wondering if it’s worth it to go outside, remember that just showing your skin to the sky can do you a lot of good. 

3. Change of Scenery

Even if you love the inside of your home more than anything, you can get too much of a good thing. Routines are important but can also fall into the realm of bad habits, and spending all day inside is definitely not a great habit. Getting yourself up and out can have the same effect as a cup of coffee, making you feel invigorated and ready to go. 

If getting ready feels like a hurdle, get some accessories that will help ease the process. A good sock aid and a dressing stick can make the whole process much easier so it won’t feel like it takes hours just to get out the door. 

4. Socialize

Just as important as the exercise and vitamin D is seeing friendly faces and having a chat. A regular walking group is an excellent way to stay connected with friends. Knowing those friends are up and moving will motivate you to do the same and provide a good source of encouragement. If for no other reason, use walking as an excuse to see the people you care about. 

It’s easy to skip your daily walk, but it’s just as easy to work it into your schedule. Knowing all the benefits that come from getting outside for even a few minutes a day, it’s something you should really make the effort for.

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