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Oh, Those were the Mother's Days - Daily Living Products For Mom!

Oh, Those were the Mother's Days - Daily Living Products For Mom!

Things sure have changed, but the simplest gestures are still those with a personal touch-

Can any of you remember when the iconic greeting card was, forgive the irony, the “hallmark” of every child’s gift to their mom on Mother’s Day? It is still a viable option in today’s world, but certainly not the mainstay it once was. As a child in the 50s, 60’s, 70’s and even beyond, many of us would spend a great deal of time not only going down the to local drug store but also take the time to bring it home and craft the perfect message for our moms.

We took care to make sure we used our best handwriting and grammar (she would be so proud) toiling over what we could say to make her feel like all her sacrifices were worth it. We hoped to conjure up in our tiny heads the perfect words to ensure she felt loved and appreciated. A lost art, handwritten notes are seemingly a thing of the past, and <gasp!> have in some cases been replaced by an email, or worse yet, a text message on a phone! “Get with times,” the kids say nowadays, but we still hold on to the idea that a personalized handwritten message, perhaps from a simpler time, might find it’s way to those special women in our lives that have given so much, many times with no fanfare or acknowledgment. Here’s to the return of the written personalized card making a comeback! Let's Make Mothers Day Personal!


Who is RMS

We are a wholesale distributor of quality medical devices located in the USA. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from Mobility, Patient Care, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Care.  We are a manufacturer/distributor of quality medical products, located in the USA with an exclusive partner relationship with Elite International Sourcing & Manufacturing (EISM) Co.

RMS is in its fifth year of operation and proudly boasts an increase in market share by 50% plus each year. We market domestically to the entire USA including Hawaii with potential new growth internationally to the Canadian and Asian markets. We have our own, Royal Medical Solutions, Inc. (RMS) branded product range manufactured and assembled by RMS domestically and/or manufactured by our partner Elite International Sourcing & Manufacturing. We use an independent sales force to enhance our visibility in all markets including: DME, Pharmacy, Grocery Stores (both independent and chain), hospitals, independent living centers, surgical centers and none brand specific retail outlets. Our product selection and development is greatly supplement through our Global Sourcing which includes Canada, Taiwan, China and European commonwealth.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service in order to build your trust and become your primary wholesale distributor of popular and hard-to-find medical supplies designed for both children and adults.


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