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New Year New Resolution

New Year New Resolution

Millions of people around the world begin each year with a sense of renewed hope and purpose with the idea that this year will be different.  It’s believed that over 160 million adult Americans make New Year’s resolutions that will will make a positive impact on their life and well-being. Some 25% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first 30 days and less than 8% are kept the entirety of the year. These resolutions range from traveling to new places and experiencing new things to spending more time with family or getting out of debt. Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions revolve around ones health whether that be by eating healthier, losing weight or kicking a bad habit such as smoking or indulging in sweets.

A New Year’s “Health” resolution is far and away the most sought after resolution. You will see more people exercising outside or working out in the gym just after New Years than any other time of year. It is easy to see someone who is in very good shape and say to yourself “I want to look like that!” The harder part is to figure out how to get there.


Where you want to get?

It is easy to look at yourself in the mirror or see your cholesterol or blood pressure levels and feel overwhelmed. It’s easy to wish you were in better physical condition and all of your vitals are at normal levels. The hard part is pulling yourself up and doing something about it. The first step in moving forward is deciding what your ultimate goal and destination is. Without knowing this you are unable to know how to get to that destination.


How you got where you are?

The second thing to do is to know how you got to where you are. What led to your decline in health? Sometimes it is a lack of exercise or overeating. Sometimes it’s not just overeating but binge eating that put you over the edge. Understanding what path, or habits, got you where you are will help you have a better understand of how to get you away from there as well.


How you will get there?

Now that you know where you want to go and what led you to where you currently are, you are now able to list the STEPs that will take you to where you want to go. Reminding yourself of your final destination will help keep you motivated. Understanding what factors were at play in where you currently are can help you avoid some of those mistakes and situations in the future that will help you turn your situation around and get you to where you want to go.


Let us go with you!

At RMS we offer a wide range of tools that can be useful in your New Year’s resolution journey. For some it may be to take daily vitamins (your to just remember your daily medications) to support a healthy diet and for that we have the Daily or Weekly Pill Organizer and Medicine Reminder. Maybe the next thing may be to just be able to dress yourself so you can get out and exercise yourself. The Button Hook with Zipper Pull and Dressing Stick Dressing Aid can help you get all of your attire on by yourself. There are a wide range of Dressing Aids to help you get your shoes and socks on as well.

The next thing on your list may be to just get outside, or wherever you feel comfortable, and enjoy some exercise. Exercise can impact many other facets of your life. When you exercise it not only helps you sleep better, but it can also have a positive influence on your hunger and food selection. The more positives you have going for yourself the easier it is to get through the harder and more difficult times.  Check our our RMS Outdoors section to find the right cane to help you safely navigate YOUR health journey. Let this year be the year that you beat the New Year’s resolution!


Who is RMS

We are a wholesale distributor of quality medical devices located in the USA. We offer a wide variety of products ranging from Mobility, Patient Care, Blood Pressure and Respiratory Care.  We are a manufacturer/distributor of quality medical products, located in the USA with an exclusive partner relationship with Elite International Sourcing & Manufacturing (EISM) Co.

RMS is in its fifth year of operation and proudly boasts an increase in market share by 50% plus each year. We market domestically to the entire USA including Hawaii with potential new growth internationally to the Canadian and Asian markets. We have our own, Royal Medical Solutions, Inc. (RMS) branded product range manufactured and assembled by RMS domestically and/or manufactured by our partner Elite International Sourcing & Manufacturing. We use an independent sales force to enhance our visibility in all markets including: DME, Pharmacy, Grocery Stores (both independent and chain), hospitals, independent living centers, surgical centers and none brand specific retail outlets. Our product selection and development is greatly supplement through our Global Sourcing which includes Canada, Taiwan, China and European commonwealth.

 Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality service in order to build your trust and become your primary wholesale distributor of popular and hard-to-find medical supplies designed for both children and adults.

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