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How to choose the right dressing aids

How to choose the right dressing aids

What are dressing aids?

Dressing aids are usually small items, each designed to assist with a specific area of dressing or personal grooming which is difficult because of pain or restricted movement.

Why would you need to use dressing aids?

If you, or someone you care for, are experiencing difficulties when getting dressed, you might feel that you need something to help you.

You may be experiencing difficulties for several reasons including:

  • Painful or stiff joints due to arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Breathlessness
  • Balance problems or dizziness when bending
  • Swollen or painful hands and feet
  • Reduced grip

Dressing aids will help to reduce the movement which causes pain or incites difficulty and assist you in completing the task using an alternative method.

Which dressing aid is best for you?

You will already know what tasks have become difficult so have a look at these common dressing aids to see if there is anything you might find useful.

  • A dressing stick helps you to position clothes onto your shoulder to make it easier to put your arm into the sleeve
  • Fastening a shirt or cardigan can be fiddly – a button hook will make buttons easier to fasten
  • A leg lifter can help position your legs to put shoes or socks on
  • A sock helper will even work with compression stockings
  • If you need a helping hand, a handi grip-reacher will go anywhere that you need it
  • A shoe horn will help with your shoes and prevent you from having to bend down
  • If you are struggling to tie your shoe laces, some elastic laces will transform your shoes to slip-on, making it easier to use a shoe horn

Using these simple tools could also help to prevent falls caused by bending and stretching to get dressed.

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