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Having a Healthy Holiday Season

Having a Healthy Holiday Season

The end of each year brings us so many types of joy: time with family, gift-giving and receiving, and all the holiday treats you could ever want. Through it all, it’s easy to lose sight of the one thing we don’t want to lose—our health. It wasn’t as big a deal when you were younger, but these days a simple cold can put a significant damper on all your plans. 

As you go about a busy holiday season, here are a few tips to help keep your body and immune system in tip-top shape.

Stay Comfy

There are all the obvious ways to keep yourself comfortable, like wearing good shoes and a winter hat when you leave the house. You also need to be prepared for what might happen if the elements throw an unexpected curveball that upends your plans. Nothing ruins a night faster than damp clothes after a walk in the rain or stepping in a puddle. Having extra clothes—especially socks—at the ready can salvage an evening. 

If possible, keep your deluxe dressing stick handy. Getting soggy socks off your feet can be a real project, and a little dressing aid will make it much more manageable. 

Medicate Diligently

Thanksgiving, Christmas dinner, holiday parties. It’s almost impossible to avoid unhealthy food and treats this time of year. While your cookie intake might be a little higher than normal, your regular medication needs to be as regimented as ever. Make sure you have a good pill organizer so you can keep track of what you’ve taken, and don’t let your schedule get so messed up that you skip a morning or an evening dose. It’s easy to get caught up in all the revelry, so just make sure to stay on top of the regular responsibilities as well. 


Whether it's at night or during the day, get all the necessary hours of sleep in so your body can keep up with the increased activity. You might end up staying up later some nights, especially if you’re out of the house more than normal. If your nighttime rest isn’t fulfilling, set aside an hour or two in the afternoon to catch up with a nap. If you don’t consider yourself a napper, this might be the year that changes—a little midday sleep can do wonders for your energy levels!


The joyful nature of this season shouldn’t be taken for granted. Make the most of your time with friends and family, and don’t let the cold weather or early sunset stop you from having a good time. You have to stay mindful of your health and comfort, but happiness is as important a part of your well-being as anything else. Once the new year hits everyone will be back to the grind, so make sure to take advantage of the end-of-year merriment and have some fun!

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