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Giving Your Feet the Care They Deserve

Giving Your Feet the Care They Deserve

Giving Your Feet the Care They Deserve

We tread tirelessly on our feet through most of our lives, usually taking for granted just how many miles we put on our toes, soles, and heels. Once your feet start to hurt, it becomes impossible to ignore the burden they endure. Fortunately, proper care can go a long way toward maintaining comfort and recovering from some of the wear and tear that’s been done over the years. 

1. Better Footwear

Your current sneakers might seem new enough, but if the sole of the shoe is worn down and the interior padding is starting to thin, your feet could be suffering more than you know. Getting shoes specifically designed for comfort and your lifestyle—whether you’re an avid walker, tennis player, golfer, or not that active at all—will make a big difference. 

On top of feeling comfort once your foot is in your shoe, you need to be able to dress your feet without pain. Whether its an RMS Shoe Curl or our Extra Long Handled Shoe Horn, make sure you have whatever you need to simplify the process of lacing up and keeping your feet pain-free. 

2. Foot Exercises

Most of the attention goes to our backs and limbs when we think about strengthening exercises. To keep your feet strong and healthy, consider spending a few moments each morning doing some simple stretches. For example, pulling up gently on your big toe can do a world of good for your foot’s overall range of motion. Similarly, a few minutes a day of toe raises and points can help you avoid the painful cramping that puts a real hitch in your giddyup.  

3. See a Podiatrist

If you’ve written off persistent pain as a part of aging, you might be ignoring some helpful treatments. A specialist can give you a specific exercise regiment and make sure you don’t have an underlying injury that could slow your progress. Whether you’re overly optimistic or overly pessimistic about your health, a professional opinion can push you in the right direction for the type of care you really need. If you put off doctor appointments because you fear the news you might get, all the more reason to schedule a visit. 

4. Upkeep

Some things—like regularly applying lotion and clipping your toenails—might feel like cosmetic treatment, but those actions can have a big impact where health and wellness are concerned. Avoid unnecessary cuts and heel splits by paying a little more attention to those feet that otherwise stay hidden away in socks. When the care becomes more regular, the discomfort usually fades into the background. 

Even though you might be using them less now than in your younger years, your feet are too important to ignore. Just a few extra daily steps in your self-care routine will lead to lots of extra steps on your actual feet.

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