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4 Ways to Combat Back Pain

4 Ways to Combat Back Pain

4 Ways to Combat Back Pain

Anyone who has ever suffered from a backache knows that it can be a debilitating experience. For older adults, the pain can be even more severe, making it difficult to perform everyday activities. However, there are simple treatments that can provide relief in both the short and long term. Back pain comes for us all, so everyone needs to have at least a few mitigation strategies ready to go.

1. Heat and/or Ice

Hot or cold? Both sound like possible treatments, and yet they’re polar opposites and it can be hard to know which one to use and when. People tend to find the right choice through trial and error, and it all depends on the type of pain. The heat helps to relax the muscles and improve circulation, while the ice numbs the pain and reduces inflammation. If you just noticed the discomfort, it might be a recent injury in need of ice. If the pain has lingered a while, your muscles respond better to a little heat. Frequently, these treatments can be used together to alleviate back pain and help seniors stay active.

2. The Right Pain Medication

There are no shortage of pain pills at your disposal—ideally kept organized in your RMS weekly organizer and medicine reminder box. When you know the source of your pain and what kind of medicines are best for treating that ailment, you can take big strides toward treating your back issues. If you’re in the inflammatory stage of an injury, ibuprofen can help your body heal in addition to relieving the pain. If you’re waking up with residual soreness, extra strength Tylenol might do the trick. Talk to your doctor and see if you can figure out the perfect pill regiment for your pain. 

3. Move

Pain and stiffness keep us from being active, and yet activity is often the best cure. Especially with back pain, when so much of the discomfort is caused by muscles weakening and failing to offer support. A morning walk followed by some leg lifts and non-impact exercises can activate your body in all the right ways, even if the first few steps feel a little creaky. 

4. Sleep Situation

If you wake up every morning with renewed back pain, you’re not alone. All those hours on imperfect mattresses let your tendons settle back into the positions that cause the most discomfort. Consider a new mattress or a different pillow arrangement if the pain continues, and make sure you have a good bed rail so you don’t put too much strain on your back every time you get in or out.

Pain seems like a guaranteed byproduct of aging, but we aren’t without treatments and solutions. Use the tips above and know that you can fend off your back pain with the proper approach.

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