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3 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

3 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

Ah, to be young again and have endless energy, no matter what you’ve eaten or how many hours you slept. As life goes on, exhaustion comes much more easily, and replacing that lost energy becomes more and more difficult. 

While we can’t bottle youthful exuberance, there are some simple tricks to get a little more pep in your step no matter how old you are. When your instinct is to drink more coffee or just melt into your recliner, try one of these activities instead. 

1. Exercise

When you feel like you don’t have the energy for exercise, that’s when you need exercise the most. A short walk or a light cardio routine in your living room can get all those dormant endorphins moving again. You don’t have to over-exert, just get the blood flowing and see the difference. If you need more motivation to move, a pack of colorful RMS walker balls might inspire you to get out in public. Do whatever it takes to add a little more movement to your day and watch your energy levels soar. 

2. Monitor Consumption

This goes for every type of thing you can consume, from food to drink to television.

The habits we fall into often direct us toward using less energy; it’s easier to sit in front of the TV than it is to get up and watch the sunrise, and it’s easier to microwave a meal than it is to do all the food prep. If you can convince yourself to work a little harder, you’ll start feeling like it isn’t actually work at all. 

Start by eating food that makes you feel good, and not just the stuff that tastes great when it hits your mouth. Fruits, veggies, and lean proteins give your body the fuel needed to stay energized. Alcohol will always make you a little drowsy, and too much caffeine will have the opposite effect from what you want. Get plenty of water and have healthy snacks around so you don’t succumb to your cravings too quickly. 

And of course, keep a healthy stockpile of organized medicine and vitamins to ensure you’re getting the nutritional supplements you need.

3. Sleep… less?

The amount of sleep you get is very important. Normally people don’t manage to get enough, but sometimes the trick is to actually cut back. If you’re sleeping nine hours every night and feeling exhausted all day, see what happens if you get up a few hours earlier. People have different needs when it comes to sleep, and it might be that your perfect rest pattern is five hours at night and one in the afternoon. If you feel like you’re constantly either asleep or tired, it might be time to shake things up. 

You don’t have to concede to feeling slow and low as you age. Changing habits is the best way to feel more energetic, and the results are almost instantaneous.

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